Urbi Panelo 3D Concrete

Urbi Panelo 3D Concrete



Price is per m²

“PANELO 3D” concrete wall tiles effect after installing is the impression of an apparent concrete wall, molded with not care.
The dimensions of the tile are 20X50cm. (±0,5%)
Available in three different thickness sizes. The standard of 1 cm, for 2D view. For 3D view, is available in two extra thickness variations, of 2.5 cm or 4 cm (±2mm)
With the combination of these three different variations, you can create many three-dimensional views. However, for uniform 2D appearance you may place only the tiles of 1 cm thickness. Its weight amounts to 2,5 kg for 1 cm thickness, 4 kg for 2,5 cm and 7,5 kg for the 4 cm thickness. Pieces can vary up to ±10% from each other. Suitable for outdoor or indoor use. Available in 20% lower weight for indoor installation only.


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