stone veneer

this is an intertemporal natural material which comes exclusively from mother nature, a bark of stone from sedimentary rocks, evolved during million of years from the earth's cortex.
Stone Veneer is the way to combine the positive aspects of real stone with the lightness of other materials for interior design.
Stone Veneer is available in different color tones and surface structures. As it is real stone, from which the material is cut, no piece resembles the other. Each sheet of Stone Veneer is unique in appearance and in its touch.

StoneVeneer applied on 18 mm MDF.

Timeless design with unlimited possibilities for the manufacture of furniture, for walls, floors and ceiling.

GFK                      ca. 2 kg/m2
MDF                      ca. 14 kg/m2 (20 mm thickness)
Birch plywood   ca. 14 kg/m2 (20 mm thickness)

AVAILABILITY upon request

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