Whether you build a new space or renovate we will find the most suitable solution for you. 

We help our customers, develop creative projects that are unique, interesting and highly aesthetic.

We talk about your project,we develop a complete plan for you,

We supply install and optimise the performance,we also have ongoing maintenance and services  which are available if required.  




We can sew,most anything when it comes to upholstery,we can handle simple zipper repairs, all the way to full facility commercial projects

Services and products

  • interior design services
  • made to measure curtains and blinds
  • made to measure beds and sofas
  • made to measure bed linen
  • made to measure outdoor, indoor pillows
  • custom - made furniture
  • sofa fabric repair
  • hotel and restaurant - bars supplies




Turn your ideas into 3D printed reality.

Easy to understand. 3D printing creates a model that anyone can easily understand.  3D printing allows homeowners and developers to immediately comprehend the meaning behind blueprint floor plans.

Cost savings. 3D printing brings cost savings in two ways. First, automated 3D printing is typically much less expensive than hand-built models. Second, having an accurate model of a proposed home plans design prevents costly changes later on by ensuring all parties can accurately envision the final outcome. 

Faster than other modeling technologies. Architects and builders appreciate the speed of 3D printing, which is 5-10 times faster than other three-dimensional modelling approaches.

Full-color, detailed printing. As mentioned above, home plans can be produced in full colour with three-dimensional printing.  It makes any project easy to imagine. 



A two-person delivery team deliver your order into your home, into the room of your choice.

Removal of old appliances or mattress when making delivery, if needed. (Additional charges may apply).

Scheduling this service in advance is required.